'Heroes' and 'Romantically Challenged' Canceled, Joely Richardson Out of ABC Drama



Lots of bad news here for Twitter fans.  The NBC scifi drama that kept NBC on the map for a minute during the last few years is going away.  ‘Heroes’ has been canceled and Alyssa Milano’s short run series ‘Romantically Challenged’ has been shown the exit as well on ABC.

Is there a Twitter revolution about to begin? 

‘Heroes’ just fell victim to high production costs and ratings that just kept falling.  And with NBC in the midst of a full conversion of their prime time schedule, new blood on the network well is new blood. 

And ‘Romantically Challenged’ had a lot of challenges as well since ABC did an absolutely crappy job of promoting this show.  Being on the air was television’s best kept secret and very little media beyond on air ABC promotions was done.  Twitter fans united as well to help save this show.  Sorry.  There’s very little room for failure at ABC and you can count on one hand how many episodes of Milano’s show ran.

The most disappointing news comes from a new series from ABC called ‘The Whole Truth’ which was to star Joely Richardson.  ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Nip/Tuck’ favorite has dropped out of the show citing personal reasons.  Joely wants to spend more time with her family after the passing of her aunt Lynn Redgrave, uncle Corin and her sister Natasha Richardson. 



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