Here's a Lifestyle Video, New York Based TV/Radio Host Mike Francesa Falls Asleep on Air (YouTube)

So did Mike Francesca, loud mouth, credible, bombastic radio guy that I used to listen to when I lived in New York and Philly on WFAN.  Great sports content on that radio station so much so that YES Network, the local New York cable network that carries lots of that city’s sports broadcasts decided to take Mike’s radio show and broadcast it live on their network.

They might be regretting that move.


Mike Francesa faded away while doing an interview on his TV/Radio program and has a great explanation for his demise on air.  He spent the prior evening taking care of his four year old son who suffers from childhood asthma and apparently was up all night.

Hence he nodded out while on the job.

First Mike Francesa denied falling asleep.  But his wife got him to come clean about the story and his child.  Now if you know anyone who has children the same age as Mike Francesa, you surely can understand his dilemma.  That’s easy.  I had a guy fall asleep in a meeting one time several years back because he said he was up all night with his kid.  Most of those with kids can take a quick nap by closing the door of your office and laying on the couch for a few minute.  I had that happen with a woman at a major advertising agency.

So most people get it and understand Mike Francesa’s issue with not getting enough sleep.  Hell most of us with no kids don’t get enough sleep.  But c’mon Mike Francesa, come clean and own up.  You don’t have to be a macho Italian stallion with your fans and listeners.

We understand.  Check out the video.

Rick Thomas



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