Even Charlie Sheen Will Appear During Tonight's Oscars

Los Angeles is buzzing once again.  Traffic patterns in Hollywood have been a mess for over a week and if you care or don’t care about tonight’s broadcast of the Oscars on ABC, the city is ready.

Could we stop though with this Charlie Sheen mess?  Not!  ABC TV is taking full advantage of ‘The Saga of Charlie Sheen’ as they plan on running promotional spots for his interview during tonight’s program.

Oh these programming people are so dang smart.  In one of the more brilliant moves in television, you will be able to see the much maligned actor in the show formerly known as ‘Two and a Half Men’ get some juice during commercial breaks tonight.

OK we all will be watching.

It what will be “all Charlie all the time” this week on ABC from morning, noon and night, Chuck’s sit down interview on the network will be part of tonight’s broadcast.

Jamie Foxx, Oscar Co-Host Anne Hathaway and George Lopez

Jamie Foxx, Oscar Co-Host Anne Hathaway and George Lopez

James Franco and Anne Hathaway are co-hosting the Oscars on the network.   Producer Bruce Cohen said the two co-hosts are “fresh, exciting and multi-talented” and this is the first time both have hosted the program.  Lots of changes coming to tonight’s broadcast as well so that will definitely bring in lots of new viewers to the show.

The long film segments are out.  “Within the body of the show, we are not doing any film montages,” said Cohen.  No more elaborate tributes that basically bore the viewer so the show’s approach will be more streamlined during tonight’s broadcast.

Should actually be fun to watch.

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