Ouch! 'Glee' Opens Soft, ,'The X Factor' Premiere Off on FOX

Oh my!  Last night’s premiere episode of the new FOX reality show The X Factor go rocked last night.  Simon Cowell expected this to be his new boost to glory on the television network that launched him in American Idol. But as  wrote yesterday and as I blogged then as well, it looks like Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl will be the only big winner on FOX this new TV season.

Ratings are in and although The X Factor won it’s time slot the 20,000,000 viewers Simon Cowell wanted to tune in last night only got around half that number.  But no one expected this to be the next American Idol except Simon.  Which you gotta give him credit for his brash and bold prediction.

To be honest, are viewers simply tired of the same old, ongoing relatively boring competition shows?


Now with The X Factor premiering soft along with Glee dropping audience as well, bring on that Zooey gal in New Girl.  Freshest thing on TV, freshest thing on FOX.

Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, Nicole Sherzinger and Simon Cowell from 'TheX Factor'

This show has gone to unbelievable lengths to bring solid support to The X Factor on FOX.  A $5 million dollar prize for the final winner when all is said and done which quite frankly is a lot more that the $1 million from American Idol.  Yes, both are on the same network but FOX was banking on The X Factor to be monstrous.

Not a lot of glee today at FOX.

Rick Thomas

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