Green Bay NBC TV Station Jokes on the NFL's Replacement Refs (YouTube Video)


Gotta love this one.  Yet this could be the last week for the pretty bad NFL replacement referees that have made a joke of pro football but to be honest it’s kinda fun to watch the craziness of these rookies trying to be bit time.

The NFL ref lockout could be coming to an end real soon with the wishes of the players and coaches but the NBC affiliate in Green Bay just had to have fun on their behalf.  Check out this video of the replacement weatherman who pretty much screws up the forecast.  You gotta love the fact that people in Green Bay can have a laugh over getting ripped off this past Monday night when the Seattle Seahawks won a game over the Packers that the cheeseheads actually won. 

Gotta laugh, right?  Well those laughs may be over as the NFL and their owners are about to get a deal in place to bring back the regular crews.  But check out this video.  Pretty funny.



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