Great to Watch, NHL, NBA Playoffs and Noah's Discover Card Day with the Stanley Cup (Video)

There is no better time of the year.  The NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils.  Can you beat the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association, all those young kids that have put that city on the map for many years to come with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

There’s no better time of the year watching these playoff games on the NBC stations and cable group & the NBA on TNT, ABC and ESPN.

But it was hard Wednesday night.  A game in the Stanley Cup, the Thunder winners in the West and even a Philly guy had the Dodgers and Phillies to watch.  That’s a night for a sports dude.

But watching the intermission of the NHL contest between the Kings and the Devils brings one of TV’s great product integrations from Discover Card.  They have this thing called Discover Card Day with the Stanley Cup when they actually take the Stanley Cup, on Discover Card’s dime, to a winner who wanted to hang out with the actual trophy that has been the staple of the National Hockey League.


I could talk about what the content details.  It’s an amazing couple of minutes that I’m sure you will truly enjoy.  I did.  And I hate credit card companies to the max.  But for some reason I always liked the people at Discover Card.  Watch this and I think you might agree.  You can’t help but feel for a kid who has to live his life with his Dad protecting this country.  And every once in a while, with all of the crap that happens in this country…well it’s good to see Discover Card take us back to the country to meet regular folk in America.

We love great video content.   And this is great video content.  No more to say but watch the video.

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