Great New Daytime TV Drama, The Michael Jackson/Conrad Murray Trial

So here’s the scoop.  Daytime television, for all the new shows on the air, suck.  You have your solid mainstays that just keep on keeping on like Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Regis & Kelly, Ellen, The View. But some of the new entries on the daytime schedule quite frankly make me want to watch soap operas or the news on KTLA or KCAL 9 in the afternoon here in Los Angeles.

But life is good.  At least life is good for me.  Maybe not for Dr. Conrad Murray who is currently on trial in this city for manslaughter in the death of superstar entertainer Michael Jackson.

I gotta tell ya yesterday’s start of the trial was so scintillating, fascinating and damned entertaining.  Now that may sound a bit gruesome but to hear the audio of Michael Jackson totally drugged out was absolutely voyeuristic. Amazing!

Day two is just as fantastic.  The personal assistant to Michael Jackson was on the stand today giving his account of the day the singer died and the guy who led the security detail for Michael Jackson is testifying now.  The amazing comment of the day was the testimony from the personal assistant that Dr. Murray wanted to get something to eat right after the singer died under his care.

KTLA is covering the trial gavel to gavel.  And NBC4 is airing it on their digital channel 4.2 which is called NBC California Nonstop.  It’s been on in my office all day long except for a couple of breaks for lunch and another reason.  Then I got a chance to see a little bit of Maury.  Finally a new episode on that show.

Dr. Conrad Murray

But this is great daytime TV.  I really can only give Anderson Cooper about a minute.  Bill Cunningham’s new show is a joke.  The Brit is kind of engaging but quite frankly that’s annoying now.  And then Gloria Allred’s new daytime judge show, although I love me some Gloria Allred, well I’ve seen Gloria, I’ve watched Gloria and she’s sure no Judge Judy.

This trial is good for KTLA.  Smart move to carry the trial from start to finish.  Because I’m totally in to this!

Rick Thomas

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