Gotta Love This Video, Why the NFL May Fail in Los Angeles (YouTube Video)

Well here we go once again,  highlights of the reason why I don’t go to any sports events in Los Angeles unless it’s at Staples Center.  The Lakers or the Kings.   Smaller crowds than Dodger Stadium and not a bunch of thugs sitting in the cheap $10 seats drinking beer and tequila.

Jerry Buss don’t play that mess nor do the people at Staples Center.  Hey they threw Charlie Sheen the hell out of the building when he went out for a smoke.  Can’t come back in Charlie, sorry!


Now comes another mess of an event up in Houston.  The Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers played a game on August 18th which turned in to a mess for several fans.

Oh boy.  Watch this one.  Sad to say, once again, this surely gives me reason to stay at Staples Center where the cost of a ticket is higher than some people’s car payments.

Rick Thomas



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