Goodbye, Good Riddance Marco Rubio After Turning on Florida, Cubans (YouTube Video)

To be so young and to be so angry.  But angry at who?  Marco Rubio is probably a nice guy but his actions over the past several weeks and months have surely led to his current demise.  He’s gone now from the national stage as a candidate for President of the United States and for each day, each week, each month he pretty much shot his own candidacy straight in its foot.

Several lessons to learn from Marco Rubio.  And these lessons are attached to all of us not just politicians.

First Marco Rubio didn’t do his job for the state of Florida.  And you can say that about a couple of  other loud mouth Senators as well. Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham.  But Marco Rubio’s attendance has been an absolute mess.  Rubio missed 35% of his roll call votes in 2015 with Ted Cruz missing 24% of his voting options and Lindsay Graham missing 28%.  I mean what are these guys doing and why are we paying them.  But back to Marco Rubio.  How can you represent your state but not show up for your roll calls?

The Hill notes that Rand Paul asked Marco Rubio to resign his seat in the Senate because of an important year end tax and spending plan.  Of course Marco Rubio decided to keep his seat.  But how can you expect any love from our own state if you don’t do what you were sent to Washington to do.

The Hill – Marco Rubio’s Missed Votes

Next on list about Marco Rubio…his immigration plan.  Well it’s been duly noted that Marco Rubio’s immigration plan and his flight from the Gang of Eight was brought up too many times during his run for the Presidency.  But here’s the catch.  Marco Rubio’s plan for immigration would have prevented his own father and mother access to the United States.  Yep, Daddy and Mommy would have been thrown out or deported by President Obama if Marco Rubio’s immigration plan was put in place.

What gets me about Marco Rubio is his constant back turning on his own people including his father and mother.  He talks so highly of parents working so hard to come to America, Dad as a bartender, Mom as a maid but they would not only would they be out but how he talks about his own people suffering in Cuba and leaving them in that mess is sickening.  It’s OK for Marco Rubio to be living here in the United States but it’s OK for those of his ethnicity to live in poverty.  He wants nothing to do with opening ties to Cuba.  Marco Rubio says “no” to his own people.

What kind of person would think that way?

I remember the black educator who moved up in his career using affirmative action yet came out against affirmative action…after HE took advantage of it…good for him but not for other blacks interested in using this vehicle to improve their positions in life.

And finally this is the big one.  Marco Rubio claims that his dressing down of Donald Trump embarrassed his children.  OK so Donald Trump deserves to get all of the criticism he gets.  But this was Marco’s big disappointment for his children?  How about calling him a “con artist” and then saying he would support Donald Trump if he got the nomination?  Here’s what’s even worse than supporting a “con artist” for President.  Marco Rubio would still support the man that got the endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan.


Yes the Ku Klux Klan.  Marco Rubio would support the candidate that the Ku Klux Klan supports and has endorsed.  Which point is more embarrassing?  To his kids.  Marco Rubio’s telling jokes about Donald Trump or Marco Rubio supporting the candidate with the endorsement  of the most racist hate group on the planet.

Goodbye, good riddance Marco Rubio.  In the repetitive phrasing toward President Obama during one of your debates , the people of Florida and America knew “exactly what they were doing” when they decided not to put you in the Oval Office.

Rick Thomas