GoDaddy, GoDaddy, GoDaddy, GoDaddy, GoDaddy Goes Away, Today! (YouTube Video)

Yeah this is one of those days for the people over at GoDaddy.com, the Internet provider that probably has had the more interesting commercials on television since the company’s birth.  And quite frankly when RealTVCritics.com would not show up except for one of those error messages this morning after 11AM the first thing I thought was “did I pay my bill?”

OK so I’m a brotha.  And I come from what used to be the good section of West Philly which was still the hood and even when I moved up to the east side which was Center City Philadelphia when a service went out, that’s the question you ask/

“Did I pay the bill?”

Yaaay!  This time I did not have to run outside and beg the gas company or the electric company to please cut me a break on my late payment.  This time GoDaddy was the problem.  GoDaddy was a problem today for a lot of web-site owners, those who use e-mail and a bunch of other services offered by GoDaddy.

How many sites were affected by the GoDaddy burnout caused by a hacker?  Not known yet but trying to get through to anyone over at the company took 8 minutes and talking to someone over at GoDaddy never takes 8 minutes.  Seems there were a lot more people out there that thought they forgot to pay their GoDaddy bill and were calling GoDaddy all morning long to find out whether their service was coming back.


Coming back took a while as GoDaddy uploaded the message above on Twitter.

Hell at least Twitter was working.  They’re usually the one with the issues of breaking down and giving  us error messages.  But you gotta give GoDaddy a break.  Because Twitter doesn’t have have commercials like the one in the YouTube video here.

Why can’t all men get pulled by cops like this?



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