"Go Ricki! Go Ricki! Go Ricki! Go Ricki" as Ricki Lake Returns

She was one of the original trashy daytime shows.  I remember watching one episode where Ricki Lake asked a guest, “did he seduce you or did you seduce him?”

The guest responded, and I will spell it as she said it, “I didn’t seduke him he seduked me!”

OK so maybe this show will be different.  No cross-dressers, pregnant women who don’t know who their baby daddy is or lie detector tests for Ricki this time as she gets set to return to the daytime talk show lineup in 2012.

ricki-lakeThe Ricki Lake Show ran for 11 years on daytime TV and now the producers of the upcoming show say it will be a lot different than her original effort.  “Ricki’s fresh and enhanced perspective” is what one rep from Twentieth Television said in a statement as this show will deal with marriage, family, single mothers, weight loss, you know all of the topics filling the  huge void that develops after Oprah Winfrey leaves her show.

“It has been very fulfilling for the past seven years to focus my energy on advocacy work on behalf of families and children,” Ricki Lake said on her recent efforts.  “Now I’m excited to return to my roots.”

Rick Thomas

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