"Go Back to Your Home Country!" Wonder If Donald Trump Will Pay for Tarin Olson's Legal Fees

Long Beach, California has ALWAYS been a city know for its diversity.

Golden West College counselor Tarin Olson turned Long Beach back in to its original history of city known for its trash. Tarin Olson was out for a walk recently and ran in to a couple walking their child. An Asian couple by the way. And could not resist going all Donald Trump on them and Tarin Olson asks them to “Go back to your home country.”

Yes and this idiot Tarin Olson did it while the couple was of course filming the incident and not Tarin Olson from Golden West College is about to find out if Donald Trump will offer to pay for her legal fees. Tarin Olson Will probably try to sue Golden West College when she tries to sue them for firing her dumb ass and her reason for verbally assaulting the couple is the “displacement of European Americans.”

And Tarin Olson has offered to share with all of us her racist content on the topic. Yes, on the topic of the “displacement of European Americans.” Yeah we can’t wait for that interview can we?