"Get out of my country," Says Donald Trump Supporter to Univision's Jorge Ramos (YouTube Videos)

Yeah, I would think this is not the way to win the Republican nomination…or maybe it is.  Who knows at this point. Univision news out front guy Jorge Ramos has been likened to Walter Cronkite.  For you youngins do yourself a favor and Google Walter Cronkite.  Then understand what Jorge Ramos means to the Latino community in America and around the world.


Let’s be clear.  Donald Trump disrespected Jorge Ramos.  In turn Jorge Ramos disrespected Donald Trump.  But quite frankly the fervor and foundation of racism that Donald Trump has created with the Latino community you really can’t blame Jorge Ramos for wanting to take on the frump.

First off before you watch the video let me say this.  Donald Trump’s followers are blue collar, high school educated and are followers.  But to be really blunt America is full of followers.  Full of them.  And for anyone to believe that we all have college degrees and attended Ivy League schools is completely false.

Americans are not that bright and there are a lot of them out there.  All you need to do is watch daytime television programming and you will see the stupidity and the mediocrity of American.  Watch the litigants on Judge Judy or Judge Mathis…watch Maury or Steve Wilkos…watch a episode of COPS.  You will see.

And here’s the interesting thing about those shows.  Remember years ago when people would categorize them as being “all black” which they were back in the day but now you have a plethora of white folks sitting down and saying the stupidest of the dumbest of things on Dr. Phil?

America is not that bright and we’d all better get used to these dumb folks who follow Donald Trump.  But we’d also better get used to having a lot of Latino people in America as well.  They are not going anywhere and if you think “get out of my country” is the way to manage the issue well that probably is not the strategy to take if you want to be President of the United States.

First watch how Donald Trump’s security tosses Jorge Ramos from his press conference and then watch the clown who tells an American citizen to get out of “his country” not know that Jorge is an American.

Stupid people…really stupid people.

Rick Thomas