George Eads, Jorja Fox Sign Up, Back to 'CSI'

George Eads back with 'CSI'...

George Eads back with 'CSI'...

The last two holdouts who have always been the last two holdouts signing.  In fact if you recall they both played hardball with Jerry Bruckheimer a few years back and Bruck told them to take a hike.  He let them go and that strategy worked because George Eads and Jorja Fox weren’t the real keys to ‘CSI as William Peterson’s ‘Gil Grissom’ ruled the fictional Las Vegas Crime Lab.

Fast forward to today.  Peterson is gone, which means he takes ‘Gil Grissom’ with him.  Laurence Fishburne is the lead and with no disrespect to him following Peterson was a no win move but somebody had to do it. 

And Fishburne is solid.  But no Peterson.

Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) and William Peterson (Gil Grissom) from 'CSI'

Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) and William Peterson (Gil Grissom) from 'CSI'

Ratings drop and getting both Eads and Fox to re-up means the last major characters will be back on the show when it heads back in to production.  Terms of each contract were not disclosed.

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