FX Grabs Rights to 'X-Men: First Class' and 'The Hangover II' (Videos)

More movie rights snatched by FX one more time.  The cable channel snatched the rights to X-Men: First Class which took in over $55 million in its first week in the theaters last weekend which means it’s as blockbuster film at the box office.

James McAvoy - "X-Men: First Class" New York City Premiere

James McAvoy - "X-Men: First Class" New York City Premiere

Yeah that’s one you want on your roster for airing the first network television broadcast when those rights fall in place for FX.

But wait there’s more.  The Hangover II, which most people saying that it’s nothing more that a ripoff of the first segment of the original, is getting its first TV run on FX as well.  Some say it’s really not that funny while others disagree.  But just getting the name to promote and market on the cable channel will provide a massive numbers of viewers on FX.

Bradley Cooper - "The Hangover Part II" Los Angeles Premiere

And even more for FX that we didn’t write about earlier but are prime for keeping the network solid for men 18 to 34 years of age including the rights to the Spider-Man series of movies along with Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Tron: Legacy, The Roommate and one of the coolest movies Battle: Los Angeles.

Is this a guy network, that FX, or what.

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