From Old School, to Animation to Big Screen, 'The Avengers' Trailer (YouTube Videos)

So this is not a real TV story until we made it one.  And we like taking what we can see on TV and lead it to a film like the trailer for The Avengers that was just released today.

Now real old school TV people liked The Avengers that ran from 1961 to 1969.  OK this has absolutely nothing to do with the super-hero series from Marvel Comics closer to present day but when is the last time anyone talked about Patrick Macnee or Diana Rigg on at TV blog?

Yeah you got that right, jocko, you won’t see those two names mentioned from the old school TV series in a long while.  Gotta say The Avengers was a cool, British spy show that we all liked.

Fast forward to the future.  Two videos for your watching.  The Comic Con released animated version of the new school The Avengers trailer and now The Avengers movie trailer for the action packed real person movie with The Avengers trailer below for you to review.

Check it out.  Both are very cool.

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