For Chris Schauble, a "WTF" Moment on KNBC to Mornings at KTLA in Los Angeles

Chris Schauble is taking his act from Burbank to Hollywood.  OK to Sunset Boulevard, going from KNBC4 Television and headed over to the morning news program on rival KTLA.

Way to go  Chris.

I’ve been a clear critic of NBC4 here in Los Angeles because of the comedians they have on their morning show ‘Today in LA.’  Chris used to have the anchor chair in the morning at that station and was removed after having one of those moments that all newspeople at his level want to take back.  Something went wrong on the set and he mouthed the words “what the f@#$” while the camera was still on him.

Bad day for Chris.

New KTLA News Anchor and Ironman Chris Schauble

New KTLA News Anchor and Ironman Chris Schauble

But after moving from that gig to being a street reporter, weekend anchor, whatever they could find for him, well now he’s found a new place in Los Angeles as the 5AM to 7AM anchor at KTLA5 Morning News.

Congratulations Chris.  Why it took so long for LA based TV news organizations to grab you is beyond me.

Now you no longer have to be a comedian.  Or a TV shock jock which is ‘Today in LA’ at NBC4.  I try, I really try, to give this morning group a break.  I flip past the channel every morning as I am up at 5AM every day.  But when I have to hear the traffic guy there talking about ‘phlegming up” when trying to clear his throat when I turn on this show it’s time to find options like CBS2.

NBC4 has great news talent.  Starting at 5PM.  More mature, more professional, maybe out of date with today’s ‘breaking news’ mentality.  But now one, at least one guy who caught a bad break, is getting on at a new station and it’s well deserved.

Rick Thomas

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