'Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki the New 'Wonder Woman'

Well the last show she was on shouldn’t count.  That was the short lived FOX program ‘Lone Star’ which you may remember lasted, what three episodes?

‘Lone Star’s time on network television was so short I don’t even want to look up how many episodes ran on FOX.  Now Adrianne Palicki from ‘Friday Night Lights’ is becoming a superhero.  The remake of the series ‘Wonder Woman’ from the 1970’s returns with Adrianne as the lead in the new show.

'FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS'  with Adrianne Palicki as 'Tyra Collette'

'FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS' with Adrianne Palicki as 'Tyra Collette'

Lynda Carter was ‘Wonder Woman’ in the old school program so Palicki has some real big red boots to fill.  But she’s a big comic book fan and actually performs her own stunts according to The Hollywood Reporter.

She’s stands at a huge 5 foot 11 inches so with the red boots she will be perfect for the action role.

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