'Fresh Prince' Will Smith Slaps a Russian, Raps in the UK, on His Way to 'Men In Black 3'

Well at least we know this.  Will Smith is heterosexual, no question.  And certainly knows how to bitch slap a Russian male reporter who just became a bit too touch feely or should we say a bit too kissy after planting a couple of lip locks on the cheeks of the superstar actor in that country promoting the release of Men In Black 3.


Will Smith Slaps Russian Reporter - TMZ.com Photo

Will Smith Slaps Russian Reporter - TMZ.com Photo

After the second kiss, Will Smith back slapped the goofy looking reporter while Will Smith was walking the red carpet at the premiere.  He took the love initially fine when the reporter grabbed him but the lips on the actor’s cheeks near his mouth were not expected.  And certainly not from someone that Will Smith would have liked to have hugged him while he was in the Ukraine far from his on and off wife who was in France.

“C’mon  man, what the hell is your problem buddy,” said Will Smith after the incident speaking toward the reporter who just kept smiling.  In clear earshot of some microphones Smith also said “he kissed me on my mouth…the joker is lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

Smith continued on down the red carpet in humorous style but certainly after the back slap made it clear to the reporter that he was not amused by the goofball’s activities.

Must have had an Ali flashback because if you watch the video from TMZ.com Will Smith can still pack a punch.  Or a slap.

You will laugh…it was pretty funny.

In other Will Smith stuff, this time he didn’t slap Graham Norton on The Graham Norton Show on the BBC.  And it shows those Brits can rock the mike right as they jam on cue when Will and Gary Barlow do their version of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap.   Check it out below.




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