FOX's 'The Mob Doctor' is Simply Superb

I though this would be another stupid, dopey FOX drama that would last a few episodes but The Mob Doctor is really a lot of mob action, medical drama, sex and the single girl type content that was more surprisingly exciting than expected.

THE MOB DOCTOR, with Jordana Spiro as 'Dr. Grace Devlin'

THE MOB DOCTOR, with Jordana Spiro as 'Dr. Grace Devlin'

Promos always look silly and short ranged.  But The Mob Doctor was a whole hell of a lot better than expected.  Does FOX have a hit drama on its hands?

THE MOB DOCTOR: Michael Rappaport

THE MOB DOCTOR's Michael Rappaport

Jordana Spiro who we got a look at on NBC’s Harry’s Law is quite frankly perfect in her role as Dr. Grace Devlin who gets caught up in the world of being the medical rep for the mob.  The even more incredible William Forsythe is definitely in a perfect role as an old school mob guy but his selecting for the role could not have been any more right on time.

THE MOB DOCTOR: Constantine (William Forsythe)

THE MOB DOCTOR: Constantine (William Forsythe)f

Big mistake though to kill off Michael Rapaport in the pilot of The Mob Doctor.  Who can’t forget his work in The Big Fan where his performance was fantastic and one of my favorite movies True Romance when I at least had the opportunity to see the range of his work.  He surely needs to find consistent roles as I’ve always like his acting and the loss of him surely drops my personal interests in The Mob Doctor.



But the pilot episode was really strong,  Unexpectedly strong for a FOX drama as I have not been impressed with the content provided by this network.

Looking forward to more episodes of The Mob Doctor.


Rick Thomas



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