FOX Pulls Programming From Cablevision in Philly and New York

FOX Pulls Programming From Cablevision in Philly and New York…If you have cable television service from Cablevision in the Philadelphia and New York areas you’re not receiving FOX News this morning.

OK end of story.  FOX News channel is gone.  Bye bye!

The loss of Bill O’Reilly won’t bother most in Philly and New York since those cities generally vote Democrat but FOX Network carries baseball and game one of the Phillies and the San Francisco Giants tonight may be shut down on Cablevision unless a deal is struck between the two parties.  Either a full agreement where the cable company pays FOX to carry its programs or for each party to agree to binding arbirtration under a neutral third party.

yankeesPick one.  More likely the second which could get the baseball game back on FOX29 in Philly along with FOX 5 and My9 in New York.

The deal expired Friday night at midnight and those serviced by Cablevision are waking up to no programming from FOX, FOX News channel, FOX Business Network, NatGeo and FOX Deportes.  3 million subscribers are affected by the showdown between FOX and Cablevision.

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