FOX News Boss Roger Ailes, Terrified of "those gays" and Muslim Janitors

Oh this is so for real.  Just when you thought things couldn’t get any whackier in the world,  well leave it up to FOX News to ante up even higher on the nutso scale.

Seems the leader of the crazy one-side world of FOX News is slightly paranoid.  Roger Ailes, who has run FOX News Channel in a brilliant way, with ratings well above several of the other cable news networks combined, seems terrified of two things.

Gays and Muslims.

There are two things I want to read this week.  The Rolling Stone Magazine article titled“How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory.  And Gabriel Sherman’s piece in New York Magazine on The Elephant in the Green Room, another not to nice piece on the FOX News leader.  We’re going to give you links to both so you can check them out on your own.

Now with all due respect to Roger Ailes and his paranoia, he did work for the President that we all love to hate.  No!  Not Obama or George Bush the second coming.  We all hate them depending on what side of the aisle we sit.  I’m talking about the man my father used to call “the  devil.”  Richard Nixon.  Anyone that worked for that administration was paranoid about everything.  These people never picked up a phone because the crooks running through the White House during the Nixon Administration could make Bernie Madoff’s crew seem like Catholic school children.

Roger Ailes, FOX News Chief

Roger Ailes, FOX News Chief

Here are a few lowlights from the world of FOX News boss Roger Ailes.

He had bomb-proof glass installed in his office for fear of attack.  Boo!!!!  Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.  He actually inspected the glass himself to make sure he would be safe.  Can you imagine the sales guy pitching him bomb-proof office wear.  “Yeah, Rog, this will stop a brick of C4 exploding in your office.  Everyone else near you will die, but you will survive to tell your story to Scott Pelley over there at 60 Minutes.”


Moving on.  He was afraid of gay people demonstrating at FOX News after watching the network’s rants saying “they’ll be protesting down there, those gays.”

OK when’s the last time you saw a gay guy with a dynamite taped around his waist?

Then finally, and this is a good one, Ailes is so paranoid that he mistakenly put FOX News on lock-down after he saw a man wearing Muslim gear in  the office and thought he was under attack by Al Qaeda. Turns out the guy was a janitor.

You gotta love this guy!  You really do.

Well here are the links.  Check out the stories.  Oh we’re gonna love this election season, aren’t we?

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Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

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