FOX News, Bill O'Reilly Scandal Gets Nasty with Gossip Blog 'Gawker'

Oh boy, here we go again.  Another story about more people in the public eye that just can’t play right and now FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly finds himself in the middle of a big mess that could get a lot stickier for the conservative talk host.

Bill O'Reilly

Gawker, the blog that really seems to have it in for anything related to FOX News, is reporting that Bill O’Reilly tried to use his influence as a well known personality to investigate a cop for allegedly is having an affair with his wife.

Gawker is reporting this, not us, as we always give credit where credit is due here at RealTVCritics.com because we can’t afford high priced lawyers.

Here’s the story.  Bill O’Reilly’s wife has apparently found residence in a different location than the FOX News commentator.  Gawker says Maureen O’Reilly has left the building after 15 years of marriage.  And the man who got chased in a van by Cheaters host Joey Greco undercover private eye Gomez was a police officer in the Nassau County PD.

Um, couldn’t she pick someone with, well let’s be real, more money?  Let’s see, police officer…leading talk show host on FOX News.  This is not Chinese arithmetic.

Anyway O’Reilly gets word that his wife is bumping you know whats with Kojak and all hell breaks loose.  Apparently another cop, the boss, brings up the affair to Kojak on behalf of Bill O’Reilly and the game is on.  Actually told the new boyfriend to end the affair.

Problem for O’Reilly…he was chatting with the former police commish about giving them a donation.  Um we mean a cash donation.  Not a good career move for Bill O’Reilly and with a Democratic Governor in the name of Cuomo running the state of New York, an investigation could ruin a lot of careers in the Nassau County Police Department.

This story stinks to holy hell and Bill O’Reilly, if he actually did this dirty deed, is a real dirty guy.  Oh, and by the way Bill, this is not the way to reconcile with your wife.  I know cause I watch a lot of Dr. Phil.

Read more at Gawker.


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