Another One Bites the Dust, Food Network's Paula Deen Video Apology Not Enough for Food Network (YouTube Video)

Oh well.  Bad week for being a racist in America.  Paula Deen out at Food Network, a GOP manager out in Illinois after making racist statements as even Republicans have to admit that this ongoing racist rants by stupid, ignorant people in power are going a bit too far.

Food Network chef Paula Deen, a fixture on the cable channel,  has admitted in a deposition, that she has used the word “nigger” in her day to day conversations and people are shocked.

Food Network Chef Paula Deen

Food Network Chef Paula Deen

Let me give Paula Deen, that racist pig some credit.  And it will be only for one reason.  That’s because at least she admitted using the word “nigger” unlike the Mark Furman’s of the world who was under oath as well when asked if he used the racial slur.

I give anybody credit for admitting their misdeeds. And I like to see racists coming at me.  I sure as hell don’t forgive them.  Paula Deen can kiss my grits as far as I’m concerned.  But there are two types of people in this world that make me want to puke.  Petty thieves and out and out liars.

Especially those under oath.

Paula Deen is done.  Food Network dropped her as part of their team of chefs.  Knoxville, Tennessee based Scripps Networks, probably one of the more conservative broadcast companies, was under pressure to make some sort of move on Paula Deen. Hey this is America.  Black people watch Food Network as do those of the Latino community. It didn’t take long for them to cave and dump Paula Deen, titled the “queen of the south,” and move on to create a better personality that will keep Food Network free of racial bias.

This is no joke.


I mean this woman has a brother named Bubba who is also accused of using the word “nigger” when referring to President Obama.  Really what would you expect from the “queen of the south?”

Once again the racial stupidity of people is coming to the forefront.  Sometimes unexpected as in the case of golfer Sergio Garcia whose fried chicken reference made him the joke of the U.S. Open.  But when you have a woman who is from the deep South in Georgia growing up in a family where racism and racial jokes are the norm why is everyone losing their minds over her comments?

Once again, at least she admitted it unlike that Mark Furman.  I’d rather have a honest racist piece of crap like Paula Deen and her brother Bubba in front of me than a Mark Furman who lied under oath about the use of the word “nigger.”
Give me the honest racist any day.

At least I know exactly what and who is coming.

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