"F#$k You Now and F#$k You Forever!" Says D.L. Hughley to Donald Trump (YouTube Video)

Don’t mess with D.L. Hughley. Once again don’t mess with D.L. Hughley. Dat brotha is for real! While Kanye West and D.L.’s partner in the Kings of Comedy tour Steve Harvey sat down to act like Step ‘n Fetchit with Donald Trump cooning for this racist future loser President, D.L. Hughley became the for real ni%%a and call out both Kanye West and especially his former boy Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey has become a pariah in the black community for his coon act with Donald Trump. And when you watch this video you will see exactly why Steve Harvey and Kanye West have black people in America turning off his show and not buying his music.

D.L. Hughley is for real.