First Katy Perry, Now 'Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus Video Causes Chaos

First Katy Perry, Now ‘Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus Video Causes Chaos…Yeah we still are watching that Katy Perry video (link below) and wondering what all of the talk is about.  But this is the problem with kid actors and performers.  When they try to grow up the world just won’t let them.  Now the flap about a too racy video featuring Miley Cyrus has the Parents Television Council all over the former ‘Hannah Montana’ star.

Yes That's Miley Cyrus

Yes That's Miley Cyrus

So the video is on YouTube and we posted it below but apparently Miley’s new ‘Who Owns My Heart’ is a bit too much for the PTC as they fail to realize that the singer is just acting like all kid performers should.  Like an adult.

Ooops.  We just remembered.  She’s only 17 years old.  What 17 year old girl wants to be an adult?

The President of the PTC told TMZ.com that “it saddens us to see that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly.”  Tim Winter also said “it’s unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video.”

Hey you judge for yourself.  Although most of us don’t like the PTC because they take stands on everything no matter what, this could be a bit much for most of us.  Yes remember she’s only 17 when you watch the video.

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