ESPN Good Guy Stuart Scott Going Through Bad Time...

…but he’s getting up and going to work everyday.  For now.  That’s what you have to do when health issues creep up on you unexpectedly.  Stuart Scott has been with ESPN for 18 years, since the launch of the network.  And he’s been in the line of fire for a couple of health issues during that time.

Once hit got hit in the eye while attending a practice for the New York Jets.  That put him on the sideline for three months after undergoing surgery for that incident in 2002.  Then he became ill covering a Steelers-Dolphins Monday Night Football game in 2007.   He had an emergency appendectomy that night that required additional surgery as doctors found and removed malignant cancerous tissue.  He went through chemotherapy after that procedure.

Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen

Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen

So the cancer has returned.  Sadly.  Scott is undergoing chemotherapy again for the same medical issue.  “I join the fight and like 3 years ago, I plan to beat this thing…I’ll be back to work soon” Scott said in a statement.

We wish this announcer well.  I’ve spent time on this blog dogging the ghetto mentality of African American sports announcers like Charles Barkley and Chris Webber.  These two are not even in the same room as Stuart Scott.  He is an absolute pro.  One of the best on television.  He will continue to do his work at ESPN as time and his day to day progress moves forward.

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