Emotional Sendoff Via Yes Network for the New Jersey Nets, Gov Chris Christie Says "Good Riddance"

It’s been 35 years since the New York Nets of the old school American Basketball Association became the New Jersey Nets after they gained entrance in to the National Basketball Association.  You may remember that the great Julius Erving, more known as Dr. J, played for the ABA team but he ended up in Philly playing for the Sixers but the New York Nets became the New Jersey Nets.  See the New York Knicks would have nothing to do with another team with a New York first name.

Hello New Jersey.


Yeah it was ego and a mess as the ABA folded and four teams became members of the NBA.  Let’s see if I can remember…the Nets, the Indiana Pacers, the Utah Stars which became the Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs.  All ABA teams now in the NBA.

Well the New Jersey Nets are dead.  Gone.  Now becoming the Brooklyn Nets with limited partner Jay Z and a Russian multi billionaire guy that decided to move the team to Brooklyn.   Now they are to become the Brooklyn Nets.

Sounds kinda dumb, ya think?  Well don’t bring this up to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.


It was emotional.  More emotional for Chris Christie who made a typical Chris Christie response of  “good riddance” to the team, showing once again why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will never be President because he’s not gotten the word that being a smart ass is not a personality trait for a guy that would sit in the Oval Office.

But his response was damn funny.

You gotta love the guy though.  You really do.  The New Jersey Nets have ended 35 years in the state of New Jersey and feel that it’s best for them to move to Brooklyn.  Which long term is a good move most would think but because the team pretty much stinks.  And with Jeremy Lin-Sanity going on at the New York Knicks, nobody in New York give two hoots about the Nets.  Brooklyn or New Jersey.

But anyway watch the videos.  They are damn funny.  One truly emotional from the announcers on the local cable channel Yes Network, the other from fat boy Chris Christie.



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