Elizabeth Edwards, 'The Nate Berkus Show' and a Difficult Story to Write

We have to put up these stories but we usually do them after someone has crossed over.  We all have to go there but the story I just read about Elizabeth Edwards’ current condition with breast cancer and it is a hard story to write.  She was on the Nate Berkus show which is a syndicated show by Oprah Winfrey that has had a tough going but Nate got the very first interview with the ex of former Presidential small guy John Edwards following his extra-marital misdeeds.

nate-berkus-and-elizabeth-edwardsHow could you not feel for this woman.  Her husband had a kid by his mistress with little regard for his wife’s condition.

Elizabeth Edwards died today after her long battle with breast cancer.  Yes pink is the color of the day.  She’s was advised by her doctors yesterday that “further treatment of her cancer would be unproductive.”

Today is a sad day.  For her and for what her husband put her through.

We all understand the need for something strange.  Let’s be real.  Oprah and Dr. Phil would never be on the air had there not been cheating, scumbag husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends who feel the need to stray.

It’s understandable to a point.

But not in this story that is in the public eye.  John Edwards, the man who could have single-handily destroyed the Democratic party because he’s a pure, self centered, egotistical low life, should have had some class .  But what else should we expect from a lawyer and a politician?  What happened here is unfortunately the norm of the day.

There should be a better way for her to end her days.  Sadly enough, John Edwards is an awful human being.  At some point there should be class in this world and he is so far from it.

So we stand here.  Waiting for a cure.  And none coming.  But the search goes on.  So do the runners who wear pink.  So does the sadness of what will happen to one of America’s well know women.  Life must go on.  But to read this story.  To write this story.  I have to say that today is not a good day.

On her Facebook page, Elizabeth Edwards noted, “the days of our lives, for all of us are numbered.”

Yes.  Unfortunately they are.  So live every day.  Like it’s your last.

Rick Thomas

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