Spitzer, Schwarz, Weiner, John Edwards, Now NBC's Chris Hansen, All In Need of Zipper Control

Are these parts of our male population stupid or something?  Really?  Are they just plain flippin’ stupid?

OK I get it, I’m a guy that likes women.  No doubt.  And I hope that the women who may be around me now don’t read this article but I admit having several of the female species in my presence at this time and, well it’s just fine for me.  I’m a single guy, never married with no immediate plans and I believe in letting Rick be Rick.   Could be a very dry weekend after that statement but I thank the man upstairs that all of them hate anything connected to television.  Like this blog.  Yes there is a God.

But I just don’t get these married guys.  Ruining their careers and lives over what we in the male community call “something strange.”  Let’s be real, there are so many options out there for single or married men.  Just a numbers game  along with several glasses of an alcoholic beverage and the night can just be at the starter’s gate.

Chris Hansen, NBC News Correspondent

Chris Hansen, NBC News Correspondent

I don’t see any of the above named culprits in a happy state right now.  Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former Governor of New York is now out of work at CNN so he will have to spend more time, well at  home with his family.  Not good for the guy who likes to hire online hookers.  For something strange.

Arnold the Sperminator, well he just got served with divorce papers by Maria Shriver so his family life is in shatters.  Over something strange. Anthony Weiner, well what a joke he is.  Pregnant wife.  Congressional career and family in disarray.   Over something strange. John Edwards.  Well he’s the lowest of lows.  A simply awful human being.  Even men don’t like him.  He’s a liar and one of the worst people on the planet, just in general.

Lives ruined over something strange.

Then there’s the new member of the low-life club.  Chris Hansen, of NBC News has joined the list.  The host of the now defunct To Catch a Predator got caught up himself in his own little mess over something strange. He’s even in another mess that will certainly get him a job at Current TV cause if photos of his private parts end up on the Internet, well bye-bye Chris.

First story has Chris Hansen in a video headed to a hotel room with a blond.  Keep reading.

Today’s story has the smug, self centered, never pass by a mirror without admiring himself reporter or whatever he is apparently sending pictures of his you know what to WPTV/West Palm Beach reporter Kristyn Caddell.

What an idiot.  And I mean Chris Hansen.  Her career is done.  But once again, what the hell is wrong with these people?

Chris Hansen with Krystin Caddell

Chris Hansen

Why do men in high places (if you consider Hansen in a high place) have to take photos of their thang and send them to women?  I have never done that.  On my grandmama’s grave I have never done that.

I find pictures of my 6 year old niece and 2 year old nephew a lot more compelling to gain the trust and confidence of women.  Not my pee-pee.

I have found, in my many years of being single, that pictures no only get me the meeting, help me do the pitch but then get me the sale when it comes to women.

Once again, not my pee-pee.

Chris Hansen has a wife and two kids.  Another scumbag putting his self centered gratification ahead of good judgment and embarrassing his family.  I would not want to be Chris Hansen.  Probably because I might just end up doing something stupid like him.  I say that as a guy.  As a man making the kind of money he may be making, I would never jeopardize my career or my income for something strange.  Nor the foundation of my family.  Because today I’m a single guy, when I’m married (ouch!) it’s time to be a man.  In other word I’m gonna let Rick be Rick.

None of these scumbags is a man.  Just guys.  Guys do dumb things.  Men?  Well men standup and act like men.  There is a difference.

As time goes on we will feel sorry for the families of these people.  Even Chris Hansen.  And who cares about the woman.  I mean if you really want your career to get a boost wouldn’t you sleep with someone on a much higher level than Chris Hansen?

Finally there’s something about this story that makes you feel as if he’s gotten his comeuppance.  As much good as he does, he seemed so enthralled in the content of his work on To Catch a Predator. Almost orgasmic.  And those kind of guys, who are do-gooders in sexual situations, that seem to get turned on by such topics, usually end up like Chris Hansen.  Caught with his hands on his ying yang, like some of the pictures sent to the dimwit reporter.

Sad day, sad story and believe me no lesson learned.

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas/rick@realtvcritics.com

Rick Thomas

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