'Early Show' Host Maggie Rodriguez Drops Second Kid

Adam Lambert and Maggie Rodriguez, 'CBS Early Show'...

Adam Lambert and Maggie Rodriguez, 'CBS Early Show'...

Thank God she finally did!  She was bigger than a Mack truck on the ‘CBS Early Show’ in the final days before giving birth to kid number two. 

It was almost painful to watch Maggie Rodriguez host segments on the program but you gotta give her tons of high fives, low fives, props, whatever they hand out these days for showing up to work every day during her recent pregnancy as she did her morning duties right up until it was time to huff, puff and scream at her husband that he will never get on top of her again.

In an e-mail, Maggie told her peeps that “Michael Tobin Rodriguez, Jr. was born on June 13 at 6:20PM, weighing seven pounds, one ounce.  He’s doing very well.”



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