After a Weekend of Bad News, Can We Do Something Good for Baby Isaiah?

I could sit back and watch the mess unfolding in Aurora, Colorado.  When my three year old nephew is asleep or watching trains on my computer I can get an update on the tragedy Colorado is dealing with from the aftermath of another mass mess that will once again hold the media hostage for weeks to come.

Baby Isaiah and Brother Aiden

Baby Isaiah and Brother Aiden

Or I could change the topic, at least on this blog, at least for now, and chat about something that will make us all feel a little better today.  And maybe can help a family in my life city Los Angeles.  Where a two year old is in need of medical care for an issue that affects 1/3 of all kid’s his age who develop pediatric cancers in America.

Baby Isaiah has High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Five words Baby Isaiah’s parents certainly did not want to hear from a doctor.  I’m sure Baby Isaiah’s Mom and Dad asked for a deeper explanation of what those five words really mean.

That explanation would not be good.

What it means is now that the diagnosis of High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is confirmed, Baby Isaiah will need to go through several rounds of chemotherapy to begin the process of recovery leading to the rest of this two year old’s life.

Baby Isaiah "Always Smiling"

Baby Isaiah "Always Smiling"

Here’s the  real story.

This will not be easy.  Going through chemotherapy at any age is not easy.  And Baby Isaiah now will face the most difficult challenge of his early life.

So the battle begins.

And as I sit watching an another episode, yes another episode of many episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine this Saturday morning with my three year old nephew sitting on my lap, I can’t think of the battle and the emotion that Baby Isaiah’s parents will endure during this very difficult period of their lives.

This is not a good time for them.  Bertha and Renzo need our help.

We will talk about how you can donate to help this family for their medical bills soon.  Remember, just as a quick reminder, we live in a country where health care is a privilege for some and becomes a burden for others as this could be for Baby Isaiah’s parents. Baby Isaiah

But if we can grab some good news out of this diagnosis, here’s a bit.  And I’m quoting this from MedScape.com, a web-site where I did a little research on High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  “With improvements in diagnosis and treatment, overall cure rates for children with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia have reached 90%.”

Yes that’s a good thing.

Because a significant fraction of our society in this country feel giving health care to all without the risk of financial ruin is not what we as Americans should do, these parents, Bertha and Renzo Rios, are faced with what will probably be a lifelong effort to keep Baby Isaiah healthy for the rest of his life.  So the family is in the midst of a fundraiser to generate $20,000 to help manage costs that their insurance doesn’t cover.

“We are starting with an ambitious goal…which could help them get through the first phase of chemotherapy,” say the words on GiveForward.com, a web-site designed to help families in need.

And therein lies the reason for ObamaCare.  Not to get political here but since the full health care program is not in place this is a good time to think of Baby Isaiah, his mother, father and his newborn brother Aiden.  And offer a couple of dollars as a donation for his difficult…their difficult journey.

And on this weekend tragedy in Colorado, as much as we pray for all of those people gone and hurt by a gunman’s senseless act, we should all take a minute, just a moment, to do something good in our personal lives.  Help by giving to Baby Isaiah and his family at the link below.

So here are a few pictures.  That’s Baby Isaiah and his brother Aiden.  “Always smiling,” is the caption on one of his photos.  Let’s keep him in mind this weekend and help if you can.  And pray, real soon, that his parents will be sitting some Saturday morning soon with Baby Isaiah and Aiden on their laps, watching as I have, about 45 episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and enjoying every minute.

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