Dreadlocks Make This Black Woman Assault a White College Student in San Francisco (YouTube Video)

What is wrong with people???

OK we really need to figure out the stupidity on college campuses these days.  Well this video just goes beyond all of the worst that comes from idiotic black folks just looking to start trouble over nothing.  I know white folks with dreadlocks here in California.  Right down the street dude and his son have dreadlocks.  As a black person  I don’t really care.
But this dumb black b@#$h just takes this to another level.  She needs to be punched in the face by one of Donald Trump’s supporters.  I remember when white folks used to have cornrows in their hair.
What’s the big deal?
Dumb black b$#@h!!  What’s even more puzzling is the video says it’s an employee and stories say it’s a student.  Huh?
Rick Thomas