'Dr.Bonnie' Says More Fireworks Coming Big Time on Style Network's 'Big Rich Texas' (Video)

Wait a minute…is this true?  Somebody brings a gun to the country club on Big Rich Texas?  Oh wait a minute, the great State of Texas has a concealed weapons law that allows the personal possession of a firearm, right?

But the country club?  A gun?  These are ladies, right?

“We were the ‘wild west’ at one point,” says Bonnie, one of the cast members on Style Network’s Big Rich Texas.  But with the second episode airing tonight “more fireworks are coming” to the show she says during a one on one interview with RealTVCritics.com.

Let’s talk about Bonnie for a minute.  Sometimes when we think of reality show personalities, we figure they do these shows because they’re not trained to do anything else.  For women we think they are living off their spouses.  Not Dr. Bon Blossman.  Yes Dr. Bon Blossman.  Bonnie from Style Network’s Big Rich Texas chats “I have my PhD in Physiology, a Masters in Microbiology and a BS in Pre-Medicine,” on her educational background from the University of North Texas.

And she’s a reality star?  Yes!

'Big Rich Texas' - Whitney Whatley and Dr. Bonnie Blossman

'Big Rich Texas' - Whitney Whatley and Dr. Bonnie Blossman

But running several businesses with her husband including her integration in Big Rich Texas seems to be her passion.  And her business acumen surely comes out during one conversation with daughter Whitney.  Watch the Luscious Lips video below and see how Bonnie, who calls Whitney her “sister,” negotiates the removal of a tattoo from her foot in exchange for a new set of enhanced lips.

Whitney’s tattoo says the infamous “c” word which Whitney claims “everybody likes” and she does not want to remove.  And if mom Bonnie can’t convince Whitney to remove the tat, well the family membership at the country club is in jeopardy.

Uh oh!  Heck there’s no show for Bonnie if there’s no country club membership.  I mean isn’t that why it’s called Big Rich Texas.

But Bonnie plays it so cool.  “She’s wanted to get her lips done for a while, probably since she was 15,”  she says of Whitney’s need.  So instead of yelling and screaming, praising Jesus or getting into a big mess with her “sister,” Bonnie uses the “if… then” move on Whitney, trading the removal of the tattoo for a new set of lips.  If Whitney takes it off, Bonnie will set up an appointment to get work done on her daughter’s lips.

Whitney ponders Bonnie's offer, remove tattoo for new lips...

” It’s the deal of a lifetime Whitney,” says Bonnie on her very cool sales move.  What a negotiator.  Nice move on your own kid, Bonnie!

“I’ve always said no to the lips but it seemed like the perfect tradeoff,” says Bonnie.

Married for 18 years to her husband Jason along with daughter Whitney the couple has a son.  Bonnie says they all will be part of Big Rich Texas.  Her son is a dual sports college athlete that trains with Olympic Gold Medalist track and field  sprinter Michael Johnson.  Jason and her son, who we have agreed to not to identify by name or list where he attends school, were not real pumped at being part of Big Rich Texas.  “You’ll see Jason in some upcoming episodes but he has his own credit card processing business and runs my ‘murder mystery’ business,” says Bonnie.

Fireworks are coming  to Big Rich Texas.  Even some fireworks from the locals who are confusing Big Rich Texas with Dallas, Divas & Daughters but Bonnie’s show is more than just Dallas.  “There’s been a lot of negative blogging about that,” says Bonnie who wants to make clear that her show is about the State of Texas and not just about Dallas.

Bonnie takes another big step which will set off some fun fireworks with some folks over Bravo.  “We are better than the Real Housewives,” she says of her sister network’s list of shows.  “We’ve added a whole other element, our daughters and families,” she says on the big difference between the Bravo brand and Big Rich Texas.

With her cast members on Big Rich Texas, take that southern belle mentality when it come to these women and lose it, says Bonnie.  “Southern belles don’t always get along,” she says of the content we will all see as the 10 episodes air on Style Network.  And she says daughter Whitney “is a little spitfire herself and is not one to be messed with,”

When asked if these women were just a bunch of nice ladies sitting around chatting and drinking champagne Bonnie says “oh heck no!” to that question.  Adding that “you can expect a lot of fireworks” as the show moves forward.

And finally the gun. “Somebody brings a gun to the club,” says Bonnie.  “I’m not saying who,” as I continue to probe for more, but as I mentioned to Bonnie Big Rich Texas looks like it’s really gonna be fun.

Big Rich Texas airs on Style Network at Sundays at 9PM/8PM Central.

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