Don't You Just Hate When Writers Call 'Anger Management' Better Than 'Two and a Half Men' and It's Not?

I hate the LA Hollywood bullshit as I call it.  I really do.  Two prime examples.  Chelsea Clinton and her intergration in to NBC.  And I actually like Chelsea Clinton.  Even though I think she stinks some writers in this town applauded her performance in a clear effort to kiss the rear of the former President and the current Secretary of State.

Charlie Sheen in 'ANGER MANAGEMENT' on FX


Now comes the ass kissing Hollywood writers that have actually compared Charlie Sheen’s effort in the FX show Anger Management to the very well produced Two and a Half Men on CBS.  Now as much as I’ve beat the hell out of Charlie Sheen for his off camera antics…well some of those antics are on camera but not on a network.  But what I dislike about Charlie Sheen and his ability to take a million dollar an episode gig and trash it has nothing to do with his perfomance in the CBS hit show. 

He was awesome as Charlie Harper, the womanizing, hard drinking hard partying jingles writer on Two and a Half Men.

But by all means Anger Management has shown that it’s all about having great comedic writers.  And Anger Management lacks that attempt in every way.

Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management has the actor playing therapist surrounded by a group of patients and family members that help bring some substance to the content of the show.  Not much help.  It’s good to see Shawnee Smith back in a regular after after her dingbat work on Becker.  But even if she adds a bit of familiarity to the Anger Management, this show is not funny.  And audiences agree.  After a massive comedic effort to bring FX that genre’s highest ratings on cable, the show took a massive 40% drop in viewers in week two. 

ANGER MANAGEMENT: Shawnee Smith as Jennifer Goodson. CR: FX.


You can expect more.  Anger Management is not funny.  And certainly is no where a match for Two and a Half Men

It’s nothing more than slapstick, predictable, anybody can write this humor.  Trying to take Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper character in a more professional direction but Anger Management will not gain unless the writing gets better and the show gets real comedic content.

It has neither.

So for you ass kissing writers who think Chelsea Clinton has talent and gave rave reviews to her NBC content well guess what.  She’s terrible.  And for those of you ass kissing writers who think Anger Management is better than Two and a Half Men you need to seriously get a grip on real comedy or find another line of work.  Because being a television critic is not for you.

Rick Thomas



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