Don't Know What It Is But There's Something Extremely Engaging About NBC's 'Revolution' (Youtube Video)

Wow!  The Event sucked!  What was that show about the superhero on NBC that lasted a minute where the guy dressed up in a a super suit and save the day while working his day job with a bunch of dudes in the circus.

Yeah what a mess for NBC.


But now the network we all love to pick on and never watch is introducing  the Revolution TV show , the new sci-fi drama that has some sort of promise but still it’s a bit hard to figure out.  The power across the United States and I guess across the world goes away and there seems to be a battle to get it turned back on and the activity to achieve that is simply active and amazing.



It’s kinda fun watch the Revolution TV show on NBC.  It may have a great chance and a whole heck of a lot better than The Event which stunk up NBC or that other show which I still can’t remember what its title was because it was an abysmal failure.

So instead of me saying good things about the Revolution TV show that is hopefully as mentioned in previous posts will help NBC get back on track in prime time, let me give you a few stories the Revolution TV show on NBC so that you can get a better overview of the new sci-fi show.

This one could be a winner.  It’s a lot easier to understand the Revolution TV show on NBC.  I kinda think this network might be 'Walter White' - Bryan-Cranston, 'Gustavo Fring' - Giancarlo Esposito and 'Jesse Pinkman' - Aaron Paul in AMC's 'Breaking Bad'on it’s way back and this show could be a start.  Biggest mistake from NBC’s PR department is not making a big deal about Giancarlo Esposito who just finished a major run on AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Not a smart move to play off his role in that show as Breaking Bad has had an awesome set of shows on AMC.

But we give the Revolution TV show an A plus so far on NBC.

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