Donald Sterling's "Right Hand Arm, Man" Says V. Stiviano, LA Party Girl...Uh Huh (YouTube Video) ,

Lord help me to pray!

Here we go again.  What’s wrong with America.  What some of us call the Mediocrity of America.  So yes I am a voyeur.  I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about the woman known as V. Stiviano.


Let me be blunt.  V. Stiviano has to be the stupidest woman on earth.  Can’t say any more and yet I really have to laugh.  Not at her but at men like crabby old white dudes like Donald Sterling who put full brand on the line with the likes of V Stiviano.

V Stiviano, LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling's Significant Other

V Stiviano, LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling's Significant Other

So maybe she’s not as dumb and stupid as she sounds.  He says what he said on tape and when Barbara Walters asks V. Stiviano if Donald Sterling is a racist.  And after all of the plays and replays of the Donald Sterling racist rants this dope V. Stiviano says “no” he’s not a racist.


OK for those of you who do not reside in Los Angeles V. Stiviano is one of many.  The kind of female you want to date when you first arrive in Los Angeles.  Yes I am guilty.  Yes the V. Stiviano type I surely dated when I moved to LA over 9 years ago.  And the list goes on and on with women who look like V. Stiviano (and she’s not as good looking as some I’ve seen here on the west coast) but have one thing in mind, especially when it comes to older men.  That being get their money, get their money get that old man’s money.

So those of you thinking to come to Los Angeles, this is what you could be in for, the V. Stiviano type that you just can’t stay away from…at least for a couple of years.

Then most of us get smart, wake up and smell the coffee.  Seeing that there are a lot of V. Stiviano’s here in the City of Angels.

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