Don Johnson Getting $51 Million Bucks from 'Nash Bridges'

Don Johnson’s 2010 just keeps getting better and better.  First he wins over $23 million bucks cause Rysher Entertainment locked him out of profits from the television show ‘Nash Bridges.’  That was in July.  Then a couple of months later a jury by a count of 11 to 1 awarded him another $28 million more in interest in the case.

The ladies used to line up for Don back in the day.  They may be standing in line again for the 60 year old, still good looking dude that made it big following the success of ‘Miami Vice.’

Don Johnson as 'Nash Bridges'

Don Johnson as 'Nash Bridges'

So I had to go look up Philip Michael Thomas to see what he was up to and, well…he’s up to nothing.

Anyway it’s become habit for production companies and those with rights to television shows to screw talent and producers out of profits and juries in Los Angeles have pretty much had it with the practice.  They’ve been finding against the companies in a big way as these suits are file.

Don Johnson is also looking at a possible $50 million more as the show is still in syndication in 40 countries.  Rysher says it will appeal but Johnson is owner of half the rights to the show.  Rysher just might want to settle.

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