Doing the Right Thing, NBC Cuts Jay Leno's Pay, Dumps 20 Staffers on 'The Tonight Show'

Looks like Comcast is now fully in charge of NBC, from top to bottom.  No more are the executives from the network’s offices in New York or Los Angeles in charge of the NBC family of networks.  It’s now about the Philly operation of Comcast which owns the lions share of NBC.

And common sense has taken over where the dollars and cents flow at NBC.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno

NBC, clearly the past leader in network television, has been hit hard, really over over the past several years and the whacks are about to continue.  The Tonight Show will now be affected dramatically as the bean counters have done the addition and subtraction on what it costs to run The Tonight Show and have decided to make cuts.

Smart cuts.

20 staffers have been laid of at The Tonight Show as of this past Friday and host Jay Leno is taking upwards of 30% less pay as a result of the goal to bring fiscal sanity to NBC.  The network has been under significant pressure to make money which NBC as a network has clearly failed to do.  With the morning’s Today Show getting ripped from from the number one slot by ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC is prepping itself for a future outlook of weak ad dollars and continuing declining ratings.

Leno’s pay cut was termed “tremendous” but Hollywood insider Nikke Finke and she’s reporting that some 25 staffers were let go in the massive reduction in staff at The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno, one of Hollywood’s nice guys took the personal pay cut to save even more jobs on The Tonight Show.  The cuts are expected to help the network save over a half million dollars per week on production costs and if you add that up NBC could see a $20 million windfall from the cuts.



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