Does This Carl's Jr. Commercial (YouTube Video) Make You Want Want the 'Southwest Patty Melt with Jalapenos?' Hell Yeah!!!

Well if you’re a heterosexual male between the ages of 18 and 49 years of age…OK any heterosexual male at any age will like this commercial.  Now a lot of you readers of this blog don’t have a Carl’s Jr. in your city but I can easily say via the RealTVCritics.com Google Analytics that most of our users come from California.  So here you go.

This is the director’s cut with supermodel Kate Upton.  And when you see this commercial you’ll want to be the director and not only that the director didn’t cut out a lot when he made this commercial.

You’ll also want to marry Kate Upton.


So what is it?  One fast food company is using Miss Turkey in her sash and a bikini to sell a turkey burger.  What’s the deal?  Well most fast food companies have come to the conclusion that those males in the age group mentioned above are the ones that still want a big ass burger called the Southwest Patty Melt with Jalapenos cause that thing looked real good when she was caressing it and she looked real good climbing all over that convertible she was sitting in…oh, yeah, she’s not really sitting in that convertible is she?

This is sex, sex, sex.  And sex sells to the male demographic who will buy that Southwest Patty Melt with Jalapenos just because this hot, erotic model is selling it to them.


The ad world is waking up.  Carl’s Jr. is waking up.  Nice commercial.  And by the way when you watch this commercial pleas don’t have little Mary or Johnnie sitting on your lap.  And if you’re a member of the Rick Santorum for President campaign this is definitely, definitely not for you.




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