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Disney Channel’s ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Next ‘Wonder Years’ or ‘Cosby Show’

It’s a pretty good article from the L.A. Times.  As the Disney Corporation drives itself slowly in to the 20th century and we do mean the 20th century, attempts to grow the Disney Channel toward an older viewer is underway. 

‘Good Luck Charlie’ is on board with the network and hopes to extend the audience kid segment to parents are the goal of this new show.  Some look at this new program as similar to ‘The Wonder Years’ and “The Cosby Show’ with more adult storylines but still kid friendly.  This begs the question why not put this on the ABC rather than the Disney Channel but we don’t run the show.

Garry Marsh, Disney Channel Entertainment president told the L.A. Times, “if we do our jobs properly and we create the authenticity we’re talking about, it will allow us to tackle stories in a more grounded way that will be more appealing to parents than other shows we’ve done before.”

Read more here from the L.A. Times.


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