Disney Channel's Demi Lovato's Fight with Dancer Sent Her Rehab

Disney Channel’s Demi Lovato’s Fight with Dancer Sent Her Rehab…18 years old and fortunately seems to have people around her that don’t have the last name of Lohan.  Or should that last name be Enabler?  Yes Dina Enable, that’s what she should be called.

Demi Lovato headed to rehab after a mess of a tour with the Jonas Brothers where she had a fight with one of her dancers which turned out to be the last straw.  Being on tour with her ex-boyfriend who brought along his new girlfriend didn’t help either.  Throwing in issues with an eating disorder and cutting herself, well that would send any teenager in a downward spiral.

What a mess.  If this isn’t a reason to talk college with your kids instead of the entertainment business I can’t bring up a better story.

People Magazine reports the fight with the dancer.  And also quotes a close family friend who says “she is taking control and getting help.”

Another source told People “she doesn’t have the same love for life that she at one point had” which is a clear sign of trouble.  Don’t have to be Dr. Phil to get that one.

Demi LovatoThe Disney Channel kid told People in September that “I wish I had somebody to look up to when I was younger to stand up and say ‘Hey I have fat days.’

I gotta stop writing this story because this is certainly not what 18 year old girls should have to endure.  But welcome to Hollywood.

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