Disco Officially Died with the Passing of Donna Summer, The Queen of the Genre (Videos)

For some of us there’s never been the demise of the disco era.  When we are wheeling around in our chairs, at the old folks home, gumming down our crushed peaches, playing checkers, speaking too loud because we can’t hear and overcompensate by yelling, we will know part of the reason for our condition.

It was disco.  Plain and pure disco.


It was a time like no other.  I can remember being a producer of talk radio shows in Philadelphia working the nighttime shift, getting done at midnight.  If it was a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday work night, getting off at midnight was not a time to go home.  It was a time to head to what they termed the “fabulous Second Story Night Club” in Center City Philly. Or to the Library on City Avenue.  Or to Club Elan in the Warwick Hotel downtown.

It was time to dance, dance, dance.  To the sound of disco.


The genre got a bad rap after a while.  They tried to re-term the 140 beats per minute music as purely dance music, not disco.  Disco became a four letter word.  What the hell, who cared.  It for a lot of us will always be known as disco.

So let’s get back to the physical conditioning at the beginning of this story.  Loud music.  Reason for hearing loss.  Even now.  Wheeling around in a chair?  Too much bouncing around on the dance floor.  Osteoporosis is setting in which affects the bones.  Playing checkers…the only thing we can remember to do with the amount of illegal substances place in the body during those party years.  Gumming of the peaches…well back to those illegal substance.

And it was a party.  Non-stop.


For those of you that thought you killed off disco a few years after it birth in to the music world, well you didn’t.  Disco officially died yesterday with the passing of the great Donna Summer.  The original “bad girl” has left this earth at 63 years of age taking a significant amount of memories with her.

I was in my car when a business associate told me that Donna Summer died.  And it was shocking because she was so young and this passing was not expected.  But I guess it was more shocking because what was a short period of time for the era of disco.  Yet a big part of many of the important years of lives of many of us growing up is still with most of us today.  And Donna Summer, the disco legend, the Queen of Disco…well just check out the videos in this story.  Remember the music.  Yeah, disco is like a cat.  It had many lives.  But now officially the woman known as Donna Summer who created and paved the way for a plethora of music talent, has left us with her passing from cancer.

What a great era, the era of disco!

Rick Thomas




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