Dick Clark, 'American Bandstand' and Jonathan Frid, 'Dark Shadows'

ABC-TV is taking a big hit over the last 24 hours.  The passing of the TV icon Dick Clark was more than enough for fans of the television network and the praises of Dick Clark’s contribution to TV and music keep on keeping on.

ABC carried American Bandstand every Saturday afternoon and those of us old enough to remember just loved American Bandstand.


Now comes word of another passing of a huge cult start of the old school original vampire daytime drama Dark Shadows.  Another show as a kid you never missed.  School was out at 3PM and there was a mad rush to get home before 3:30PM to watch Dark Shadows.  The great Canadian actor Jonathan Frid passed away several days ago at 87 years of age.


General Hospital at 3PM.  That was for Mom.  Dark Shadows at 3:30PM for me.  Then American Bandstand on Saturday afternoons with Dick Clark.

Lots of great memories of both programs.  Great television on ABC.




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