Denzel Washington is "McCall, Robert McCall" in Movie Version of Television's 'The Equalizer' (Video)

This is so exciting.  So very exciting.  One of my favorite cop/hero/kick the ass of everybody on the screen TV characters is coming back to live.  It was Edward Woodward who starred in the television version of The Equalizer which ran on CBS from 1985 to 1989.  He was this old white dude that used to help people in need and for men it was the best of the best.  It was the 80’s look-a-like to the CBS show Person of Interest that was a smash hit in its first season this year.

Denzel Washington is Now 'The Equalizer'

Denzel Washington is Now 'The Equalizer'

Now we have the movie version coming for The Equalizer in the form of Denzel Washington who will re-make the role of Robert McCall, the retired covert operations officer who took to the streets of New York kicking ass.


OK so if Will Smith can play James West in the movie version of The Wild Wild West, why can’t Denzel Washington play Robert McCall?



I’m so happy.  Knew this was coming but never thought producers would cast Denzel Washington.  What can you say about Denzel Washington except perfect in selection of the Oscar winning actor.

Smack around them hoodlums Denzel!   Or should I say Robert McCall.

This is one I will personally be waiting for as The Equalizer is back.  As they used to say on the CBS show “The Equalizer will continue in a moment!”

Production begins on The Equalizer in April of 2013.

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