Demi Lovato Back on Track After Rehab Stint

Now Charlie Sheen has two rooms to choose at the rehab joint.  With Lindsay Lohan out her spot is open and we all were waiting for the return of Demi Lovato’s stint in rehab to end.

Demi LovatoDemi is now out and about spotted in Santa Monica, California.

According to TMZ.com Demi Lovato has returned to her home being released after three months under the watchful of Dr. Drew like professionals.  No word yet on when and if she will return to her Hollywood career after crashing and burning while on tour with her ex-boyfriend’s band the Jonas Brothers.  Demi got in to a grudge match with a dancer on that tour and put herself away to get help.

You gotta ask who is managing this 18 year old.  Or whether her parents have a clue.  Would you ever recommend to your daughter to go on tour with an ex-boyfriend?

We suggest she take a break.  And be 18 for a while.  She’s been in the business since she was 7 years old when she appeared in ‘Barney and Friends’ with her bud Selena Gomez.

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