DB Woodside Joins 'Parenthood'

Crosby is getting some competition for Jasmine‘s attention.  And some serious comp.  OK let’s do a bit of set-up.  Crosby (Dax Shephard) hooked up with his baby’s mama Jasmine (Joy Bryant), moved in with her, bought her a house, did the “you are the father’ Maury type thing then bumped you know whats with Minka Kelly’s Gaby Moss, came clean (you never come clean) and Jasmine kicked Crosby to the curb.

That’s one heck of a fast forward.

Now enter DB Woodside, who I remember from FOX’s 24, another brother President that got messed up on that show.  Somehow all of the black Presidents get messed up on 24.  I didn’t see any of the white Presidents get shot or blown up on 24.

Somebody get Joel Surnow on line one.

DB Woodside (left) and Very Cute Friend on the Right

DB Woodside (left) and Very Cute Friend on the Right

Now DB Woodside enters Parenthood on NBC, getting a five episode stint on the show as Dr. Joseph Prestidge, an Ivy League guy, probably from Penn, who is so different than the take it as it comes Crosby.  He does his thing to get close to Jasmine and of course all you know what will break loose in the Braverman clan over the good Dr. Prestidge.

That’s all according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Executive Producer Jason Katims told THR “things maybe didn’t work out for them quite as well as it seemed” for Crosby and Jasmine as the end of last season had them “happy together” in the words and music of The Turtles back in 1967.  Google it because if I have to go back to 1967 the scotch on the rocks is kicking in on a Sunday afternoon when the temperature hits close to 100 degrees in Los Angeles.

Uh oh!  That top shelf scotch will provide a bit of creativity won’t it?

Parenthood is back on NBC September 13th.

Rick Thomas

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