"Dayo!! Dayo!!" Harry Belafonte Falls Asleep (YouTube Video)

OK so we gotta give this old school entertainer a bit of a break.  Doing these satellite media tours are dang difficult.  A satellite media tour has the person being interviewed stuck in a room, alone, speaking via satellite to upwards of 50 different television and radio stations all across the world.

I’ve actually sat through one of these satellite media tours.  They are the most boring events you will ever experience.

Guess Harry Belafonte feels the same way.

Harry Belafonte and AJ Calloway

Give the guy a break.  He was born in 1927 which by my calculation makes him about 127 years old but when he was doing one of those tours he seems to have fallen asleep when one TV station wanted to interview the actor/singer/activist.

Um, Harry Belafonte was completely unresponsivie.

His rep says he was meditating.  Yeah, right.

Harry Belafonte for real is 84 years old.  Too damn old to be up at 3 o’clock in the morning doing a satellite media tour.  But this video is funny.

Rick Thomas

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