Crazy Day for TV...'Joe Paterno's Pedophiles' at PSU, 'Fingers' Herman Cain's Blond Women, Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict

Trying to get to the office but my TV is blowing up this morning.  We started this wonderful day with the arrest of Penn State Pedophiles who work for the football program that is about to be rocked like no other sports program in America.

Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno

All over cable news, the press conference detailing the charges the State of Pennsylvania is placing on two people involved in the sports department at Penn State.  You can start the clock counting down the end of Joe Paterno’s career as head coach of that football program since some, and unfortunately not most, see him as part of the cover-up by not calling the authorities to report these incidents of child abuse.

Then comes ‘Fingers’ Herman Cain, the touchy candidate for the GOP nomination for President.  Seems he likes to not only harass women but apparently likes to assault women as a fourth accuser was all over TV today saying Herman Cain tried to touch her inappropriately when she met him at a hotel.

Yeah, you can star that clock on Herman Cain’s campaign as well.

Then “Breaking News” as the verdict is in for Dr. Conrad Murray and his trial on the death of Michael Jackson.  And it’s not even noon here in the west.

TV’s blowing up big time.  What a day




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