Conspiracy Theory from Bristol Palin, Sasha, Malia to Blame for Obama's Gay Marriage Stance

I knew it.  I knew it.  Always, always blame the children for being behind the scenes and forcing the most powerful man on the planet for his new stance on gay marriage.  Yes the world still is burning up over President Obama’s recent acceptance of men marrying men and women marrying women.  And yes this is coming once again from a President who runs the United States.

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin

Reality television person Bristol Palin has found the people behind the conspiracy.  No, it’s not Barney Frank the gay congressman from Boston.  Nor is it any of the members of the cast of Glee on FOX.  Is it those two gay dudes on ABC’s Modern Family?  Nope.

Bristol Palin has uncovered the conspiracy. 

It’s those two manipulative little bitches living in the White House!  Sasha and Malia Obama, the daughters of President Obama who are responsible for this President’s announcement that same sex marriage is now OK. 


Bristol Palin says “While it’s great to listen to your kid’s ideas, there’s also times when dads simple need to be dads,” in response to the conspiracy.  

Seems Bristol’s dad did a great job bringing her up, allowing her to spend a significant amount of time getting knocked up, becoming a single mom and living a life worth an episode of Jerry Springer.  Oh yeah, people really care what Bristol Palin thinks, right?

Right!!!  They do.  Bristol Palin’s comments are trending huge on the internet this morning.  Big time.

“Sometimes dads should lead should lead their family in the right way of thinking,” said Bristol Palin as she continued her rant against those two derisive, deceiving, manipulative little bitches that live, once gain, in the White House. 

And you just thought that kids living in the White House would get a break.  And when and where would a single mother whose baby daddy is nowhere to be found in his kid’s life but we know is running around every trailer park in Alaska looking for more women he can convince that he has a future to marry him or give him more babies get the balls to insult two children…living in the White House.

These comments confirm one thing.  Damn I’m glad Sarah Palin and this family never got a chance to live in the White House.  Just imagine….just imagine.



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